-and Dragons, oh my!

Spring 2012
It's January no February- tick tick- this is the year of getting things done, that's the meaning of Year of the Dragon.  I made that up but it sounds good so I'm sticking to it.

1 script done!   Yes! 

Another one that I thought would be minor surgery is turning into major operating table stuff :P  I think it's about 2 months away at this rate, I'm changing so much.

Started working with a couple of really cool guys, Aboubakr and Ivan, who (we pray) will finalize the CGI portion of the short film I worked on Hot Tea with, and make it a finished product! 

Fun?  Work is fun!  This is the year of getting things done!  (and maybe some travel and maybe some eating.  Tatakis!  My new stop for Peruvian yummyness)

Quick shout out to the talented writer and fab cast of Road Rage. In December, I directed Evan Moua's staged reading for the DHHWI at EWP.  They knocked it out of the ballpark.  Was really fun to watch them play.

Summer 2011
It's summer already?  Half of 2011 is gone!  Ahh..

I've finished those 2 spec screenplays and now am in agent / manager shopping mode!  Any leads, send 'em my way please!

Enjoying immensely the experience of working with the fine cast of Japan Meets California, Rochelle's mini 3-act that will run as part of a series of her work from June 8-22. 

It has been a lot of work, but most of it has been quite satisfying.  I've met some really cool people along the way, so very happy about that.

Just finished up on Ben Wong's short film, a period piece MOS- and he literally shaved my head.  Whee.  My stage manager, Ramona Young, for JMC said I looked like Avatar.  Great.  He's white, so... I don't know what that means.  All bald people look alike?

End of November/2010 ROUNDUP

I'm working on finishing 2 spec screenplays, one pure comedy and one action comedy with a fantasy twist.  Must- finish- by end of year!  Have a consult with script goddess Pilar Alessandra in January so I need to knuckle down.

Looking forward to working with Rochelle Perry and directing her staged reading of Japan 1946 meets California 2010 for the DHHWI workshops.  I am also pleased to work with Junko Goda (who I worked with on Leonard Acuna's "Onigiri") and Wes Gabrillo (just met Wes on a short film for David Lee "Year Zero") and Dian Kobayashi who I haven't worked with before.

Finishing post / 3d fx for "Nightmares" - wow, 3d fx and tracking are really time consuming.  I'd thought I could handle it on my own but I think I need help.  If you know any good 3d fx artists who will work for lo/no, hit me up at ilikepickles "at' wongstein (dot) com

Just went to the Long Beach aquarium with some friends, petted some manta rays, very interesting- the cow nose rays are so friendly, they were almost like puppies!  Well, slimy puppies... hit it up at night if you can.

Roscoe's in LB was interesting, they had a small jazz room, nicer than Hollywood's Roscoe's I think

Abalone Cove was a great little place with little tide pools, I highly recommend it!

Thought for the day-
Time is the greatest resource, maybe the only one that counts. 

Sneaking into Amy Cheong's workplace which is essentially a giant toy factory.  Admit it Amy!  Her desk looks like a KB for Kids shelf.  Amy produced my short film.  I owe her (but shh it's a secret)

"...Billie Jean is not my lover"

Abalone Cove - shellfish porn

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